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WS2812B and apa102 - spi driver

Mon Sep 28, 2015 10:03 am


I have created an initial version of a customizable framebuffer driver for WS2812B and APA102 (untested) RGBLed strings
connected to SPI via a 74HCT125 acting as a level translator.

I am currently cleaning up the code and trying to get it upstreamed and into the official foundation kernels.

If anyone is interrested: here the code on git-hub:

Please look at the wiki page for how to configure it - note that it is compiled as an external module, so you have to have the kernel built yourself before you can compile this module...


Linda Tan
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Re: WS2812B and apa102 - spi driver

Wed Nov 25, 2015 10:04 am

apa102 white led strip not so expensive.

In case anyone is tempted to order them from Adafruit, they are 74$/m at adafruit for the 144led/m version and the same is 20$ at sfleds on I really like Adafruit but that seems like a huge markup...
the new york office and employee salaries would cost them a lot...

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