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A+ RPi Cam Web Interface and Pi-Cam

Thu Nov 13, 2014 7:23 pm

Just been trying the A+ board with openelectrons add on with the pan tilt camera head and can't get it working with the RPi Cam Web Interface Pan Tilt embedded stuff from the wiki. Also tried just a pan tilt head on GPIO pins 23 &24, again it works fine via python directly.

When I remove the distro card (most recent noobs plus updates, rpi etc) and hardware from the A+ and put on in a standard A or B board it works just fine. Not yet tried a B+

Any suggestions what’s causing this?...
If I test with

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cd pi-pan
It all seems to be working but not via the RPi Cam Web interface with an A+ board??

Update. I notice at the end of booting I get an error message about pi-light on the A+ but not on an A or B board.
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