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Tolerance of camera board to other packages (and sensors)

Sat May 18, 2013 7:30 pm

Does the board (and the we-cant-see-the-source part of the GPU-side gubbins) do any sort of checking as to which sensor module is attached, or will it only work with the P5V04A? e.g:
1) Could an alternate camera module using the OV5647 (for example) work, assuming the connector pinout is the same?
2) Could a raw OV5647 sensor (for example) be used to replace the module on the existing FFC (assuming you're a soldering wizard)? This would make things easier for the custom-lens-and-no-IR-filter crowd, assuming a source of raw sensors on FFCs could be found.

Also, what would happen if a non-OV5647 sensor (that also uses MIPI-DSI) were connected? Would the whole thing simply refuse to initialise? Would the sensor simple be assumed to be unchanged and thus work, but with totally incorrect tuning parameters?

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Re: Tolerance of camera board to other packages (and sensors

Sun May 19, 2013 9:55 am

Not sure what would happen in case 1 and 2 - might work, as long as the module responds with the same camera ID.

Different camera modules won't work - we I'd the camera and have specific drivers for each module (they are all different - CSI only defines the connection)
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