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Camera streaming not working

Fri May 17, 2013 4:47 pm

My camera arrived yesterday and I was looking forward to using it on my robot. Updated the pi, plugged camera in, video and stills work perfectly fine, can see them when i attach the pi to the screen. When though I try to stream the video to my Debian wheezy box using

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raspivid -t 999999 -o – | nc 5001
and the ip address of the debian box being

I then used (after installing required packages)

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nc -l -p 5001 | mplayer -fps 31 -cache 1024
When I kill the raspivid program on the pi though the app on the debian machine also dies showing the attached error

I checked on both sides using

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netstat -at
and there in the list is the connection

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tcp        0      0 raspberrypi.local:45379 macmini.local:5001      ESTABLISHED
Any ideas? I have tried to get this to work on windows, mac and linux and so far not got any of them working.
Also, before anyone asks, the debian machine is called macmini.local, it is running debian wheezy just off an old mac mini
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Debian client
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Re: Camera streaming not working

Fri May 17, 2013 5:29 pm

Hi !

Kind of releaved to see that I'm not alone :lol:

I have the same issues as you while trying to stream to my Lubuntu station (same netstat and co..).

Initially I wanted to stream from Pi to Pi....

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