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lens options for Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera

Fri May 01, 2020 4:05 pm

great to see the release of the Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera! i look forward to seeing what cases, accessories, and projects others come up with using the new camera.

it'd be helpful to have a single thread here (and/or a spreadsheet on google docs or elsewhere) that contains a list of various lenses that have been tested and known to work on the new camera, with links to sample images and some notes/details of setup (like back focal length, sharpness / megapixel resolution, any special adapters/mounts or filters used, if image circle covers the full sensor and what the maximum usable angle of view is, confirm it mounts with enough threads to hold it securely and that infinity focus is possible, if the lens has any built-in ICF / hot mirror and if its a permanent coating or easily removable, if it was shot in color or on a camera that has been modified for infrared photography, approximate price & source to buy at, etc).

in particular, i'm personally interested in a good ultra-wide rectilinear lens (anywhere from 2mm up to 4mm) with little to no barrel distortion, as well as a very wide circular fisheye lens (200 to 250+ degrees) where the entire image circle would fit within the sensor (at least for stills). i'm interested in using both of these for infrared photography (so a lens with no infrared cut / hot mirror filter or coating built into it (and little to no infrared hotspot effect) is highly preferable). please let me know when anyone has tested any lenses that work well. (a number of years ago i tried a 2.97mm AD2530 rectilinear M12 mount lens without ICF on a GoPro that worked well if i recall, and it seems like adapters exist to allow M12 lenses to be used on C mount cameras, though i'm not sure that these would allow the rear of the lens to mount far back enough for infinity focus on the new high quality raspberry pi camera.)

also (and i still have to search the forums & internet for existing solutions), if anyone knows of the best way to sync two high quality cameras to shoot an interval sequence of photos where individual still images are captured at precisely the same time (as closely as possible), please let me know. one idea i'd like to use these for would be to use two cameras, both with very wide circular fisheye images and infrared pass filters, to automate the interval capture of images that can later be stitched together into full 360x180 equirectangular files to create 'little planet' infrared time-lapses from (hopefully at a cost less than dissecting/modifying an existing 360x180 camera to do this, though i'm also open to that as a solution if anyone has had success in converting a ricoh theta / insta360 one r (or x) / gopro max / etc camera to photograph infrared).

regarding IR photography, if anyone from the foundation is reading this, please consider offering a version of the high quality camera that has a 720nm or 830nm (preferably the latter) infrared pass / visible light blocking filter instead of the regular infrared cut / hot mirror filter, so one doesn't have to void the warranty and figure out how to effectively & safely mount a suitable filter between the lens and sensor to use the new camera to capture infrared images.

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