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Pi cameras as [soldering] maginifying glass

Tue Jun 25, 2019 12:35 am

I used v1 and v2 cameras in this thread extensively:

Either with self added M12 mount and lens, or v1 cameras bought with that, the lens allows adjustment to different height above scene sharp images, and therefore different resolutions.

First I did use the camera magnifying glass to make measurements with ohmmeter probes (the pins on the right are 0.5mm spaced). I was not able to do that with 2.5 dpt. glasses I normally use for soldering:

Later I had to solder a cable to one of these tiny 0.5mm spaced pins (I had never done such before). I did solder by looking into HDMI monitor with huge magnification of scene, while soldering the cable to the pin (OK, the camera lens got slightly hit with hot soldering iron few times by accidents, but nothing broke):

So these applications are as "magnifying glass", formerly I used PI cameras as "microscope" as well (but never to manipulate stuff): ... 0#p1409956
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