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Need Help With Camera Live Preview

Thu Oct 11, 2018 9:16 am


I`m working on a project that requires live preview of camera that will be pointed very close to the object focused on.
I initially though I can use a Dahua Camera that comes with hardware manual focusing capability but I`m not sure I can get it to live preview the way I want.


There will be 2 camera placed in vertical line and need the plus mark(+) on screen so I can match the same mark on the object and place the object in line with camera. Camera will only move vertically increasing or decreasing distance between two of them manually.

The camera will be place really close like 2-3 inches above the object and more over the display it will be connected will need to show live preview as seen in above picture. I dont require manual focusing if any other camera module can do auto focus on object that close (2 inches) and zoom it if necessary.

Can anyone point me to a similar project or software that can connect to cctv camera/any other camera module and show live preview as seen in above picture ?

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