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init.d changes for motion to start with -m flag?

Sat Sep 15, 2018 2:52 pm

Right now I have motion running in my pi3 jsut for a live stream monitoring, i dont want it to use motion detection or auto record or take pictures. Doing so also stops the service as since its looking out the front window, it wants to instantly start taking videos and pics since even the trees set it off in the wind lol.

anywho, it's already setup in init.d so the service starts, and the .conf is set for the deamon to run... however the only way to keep it running is to start the service with the -m flag to disable the motion feature.

is there a way to modify the init.d script so that when it starts on a reboot that it always starts with the -m flag so motion detection never starts?

thank you!

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