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Re: High framerate raspivid (initially 640x480 at 180fps)

Fri Jul 12, 2019 2:03 pm

Just to report success on 9kHz PWM flashes resulting in 9000eps frame captured.
The airgun pellet got captured 10 times in this frame had speed 96.9m/s, with 96.9m/s / 9000Hz = 1.077cm between exposures.
Comparing apples with oranges, but multiple exposure really allows for so much higher eps rates than high framerate video capturings: ... 8#p1481286

In side project "ESP32-CAM ov2640 sensor global external shutter" ... aWebServer

I can consistently do global external shutter captures, but have not found an explanation why this works because that mode is not triggered explicitely as with Raspberry v1 camera. Yesterday I was even able to do multiple exposure (5×) at daylight after removing the covering cardboard box providing the darkness: ... 229#p46229

This is "normal" frame captured with that camera showing extreme rolling shutter effect for similar scene:

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