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Using PikrellCam with bash, config etc

Tue Feb 28, 2017 4:52 am

I have been using motion-mmalcam for two years or so but recently had trouble installing and running it (I am using RPi2 and RPi3 with the Pi module on WLAN). So I switched to PikrellCam and this program is running now for months smoothlessly. That is great.

The downside is that I had several scripts on my older installations that did several tasks that I am not able to do on Pikrellcam. Can someone please help me how I can do this with the new setup? Although there is some documentation in Pikrellcam I simply do not understand how to use existing tools:
  • I had a cronjob that archived recorded motions. There is a archive feature in Pikrellcam but I have to do this by hand (marking days and clicking the "archive"-button). Is it possible to archive immediately or at the end of the day?
  • When archiving, I used to send a copy of a file over my network to a NAS. I was not able to find a similar tool in Pikrellcam. The documentation says
    If you want motion detect videos immediately archived to another machine you can edit scripts/motion-end and have pikrellcam scp the videos to anywhere. To enable scp copying, put your machine information into the script and enable the on_motion_end command in pikrellcam.conf.
    What language do I use in those scripts? How are those scripts invoked (immediately? By switching something in any conf-file?)? An example would be great so I have an idea how to handle this.
  • In motion-mmalcam I recorded only pictures, no videos (safes space). Is the same possible with pikrellcam and how? I was not able to figure this out.
  • I used to erase older files (30 days or longer) automatically. There seems to be a tool for this:
    In the ~/.pikrellcam/at-commands.conf file add any commands to run at a desired time and frequency.

    but again the same questions as above occured.
Pikrellcam seems to be a great software. Unfortunately, I am at the moment not able to use its potential for me. I would appreciate any hint.
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