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liveimage, a png streamer, another jpeg ...

Sat Oct 01, 2016 9:29 pm

The mjpeg streamer just refused to work on my R-PI with all the efforts I put half a day in. Though it worked fine on nanopi neo with a usb webcam, out of the box. I even took the code on a x86 Linux machine and start debugging. All streams were white blank. I spent some time, and I could not pin-point the issue, neither understand the code.

...Why don't write something I understand.
Inspired from it, motion, image-magic and other resources, in few hours I got a webcam -> webpage into

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<img src='IP:PORT'>

I arranged to code a bit and here it is:

I also added support for png live stream, time lapse snapshots and I have under development the motion detection (why not)

Works fine on PC, R-PI Nano-PI Neo ...

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