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by bennysong » Tue Feb 28, 2017 12:25 pm
I'm making a project with the gertbot where i make an XYZ control.
But i have a problem trying to connect an emergency button to the Gertbot.

In the manuel they speak of the HALT line, but they never give a pin number where u can connect the button.

LED D6: Halt. Steady on. Indicates the HALT line is active.

Pin How to reclaim for user access
EXT0 Disable motor 0 end-stop A
EXT1 Disable motor 0 end-stop B
EXT2 Disable motor 1 end-stop A or use motors 0/1 as stepper
EXT3 Disable motor 1 end-stop B or use motors 0/1 as stepper
EXT4 Disable motor 2 end-stop A
EXT5 Disable motor 2 end-stop B
EXT6 Disable motor 3 end-stop A or use motors 2/3 as stepper
EXT7 Disable motor 3 end-stop B or use motors 2/3 as stepper
ADC0 Disable ADC0 channel
ADC1 Disable ADC1 channel
ADC2 Disable ADC2 channel
ADC3 Disable ADC3 channel
DAC0 Disable DAC0 channel
DAC1 Disable DAC1 channel
HALT Cannot be reclaimed

6.2 Halt
There is a common ‘halt’ line. If that is pulled low every CPU will remove the power from all motors and
all activity will stop. The ‘halt’ line is common between all cascaded motor boards. The ‘halt’ line can be
pulled low by the user or by the system itself. You are only allowed to pull this signal low (connect to
ground). Note that you can not start any motor when the halt line is low.
The HALT input can be used to implement the 'big red emergency' button.

how can i use an emergency button on the Gertbot ?
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by Gert van Loo » Tue Feb 28, 2017 7:41 pm
It is pin 11 of J3. Pulling the pin LOW will active the Halt.
Thus connecting a plain switch between pins 11 and 12 will do the job.

I admit it should have been mentioned in the manual.
However you can also find it in the GUI if you switch to the I/O controls:
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by bennysong » Wed Mar 01, 2017 7:41 am
I wil try it right now :)
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