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Re: small screen for mini netbook powered by rpi

Mon Oct 03, 2011 2:23 am

I am planning on a project to make a gameboy advance sp ish looking netbook that has a small keyboard and gamepad controls and back buttons. Anyway, I am looking for a screen that is small and thin enough for it, the screen preferably would be the same size as the raspberry pi or wider so that the lower part of the ''netbook'' is the same size as the screen. I was thinking of using an old portable dvd player's monitor and hook it up via composite video, but I am not sure if that will provide a good resolution (atleast Q3A will run at 60 fpsrather than 20 at 1080p). I also thought of the hard and bizzare idea of using the screen of the iphone 3gs, but it seems too expensive and incombatible with the rpi. I have also seen other devices like the rpi, particularly in the demo videos where they had a 5 inch - 10 inch monitor that used like 1 W of power.

Do you have knowledge of a cheap, low power, bearable resolution, small monitor that also does not require modding of the software of the os?

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