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Re: Media/Emulator player

Posted: Thu Sep 22, 2011 11:16 pm
by mcscruff
Hi all,
I have planned to use a raspberryPI to build myself a small (portable) unit that i can plug into any TV (with HDMI) and watch films/tv episodes off my usb stick. I also wanted to play old games (nes/snes/psx...etc) so emulators will be needed and a controller so i went a little further and thought alot more and now i have decided to:

Hardware - RaspberryPI model b in a custom case that i have no idea how to make yet that will have a usb hub connected to allow 3 to 4 usb devices, hdmi out and maybe running off a battery pack (idea from the e-reader thread) or mains. From the usb ports i could have a thumb drive for films, mouse input, game controller, wifi, keyboard, bluetooth depending on what i needed at the time. Quite a simple setup and i cant think of too many problems with them.

Software - i will instal Arch Linux maybe with lxde or something else light, and all the drivers i will need (including a ps3 controller driver for games). Auto login and instead of loading straight to a desktop im going to make a launcher app to make it as simple as possible to hit Films, Games, Web, Other. On top of this i will be making an android app that will be able to control this via bluetooth or wifi.

The software side i am confident with but on the hardware, can anyone recommend a battery pack?

Re: Media/Emulator player

Posted: Fri Sep 23, 2011 10:28 am
by TonyD
this sounds like a cool project. I'm pretty sure the SoC used in the RPi is already used in a media player so the RPi should be capable of doing what you want.