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Re: Local information points project

Tue Sep 13, 2011 12:27 pm

I volunteer with a local non-profit group where I live who work to improve the area for residents, businesses and tourists/visitors to the area.

We are looking at building a series of micro-hotspots to relay information via bluetooth and wifi. The budget is tight being a non-profit group so the R-Pi devices look fantastic! I reckon I can get an aluminium cased weather proofed unit built with external antennas for bluetooth and wifi for just over £40 with the A boards, which is truly phenomenal as we had been expecting costs over over £200 per box before I considered R-Pi!

The result will be that we can initially place roughly 10 of these around the area in prominent locations such as supermarkets, bus/train waiting areas, tourism office etc. with the eventual aim to create a low-cost mesh setup, once the concept is proven.


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