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Questions about uploading my MagPi Python Pit changes

Wed Mar 12, 2014 7:02 pm

Hey folks. With the goal of re-familiarising myself with Python, I've been enjoying reading the back catalogue of Python Pit articles and making my own changes.

I'd like to upload these revisions to my homepage, but I'm concerned about any rules I may have missed about licensing and/or proper crediting.

The pattern I've followed is something like the following, taken from the very first issue:

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#!/usr/bin/env python3

# Modified from the version seen in The MagPi Issue 1

# Authors: 	stevepdp - 9th March 2014
#			    Jaseman - 23rd April 2012

# Fewer calls to the print function, but still readable
print("Two plus two equals", 2 + 2, "\n");
print("Eight minus three equals", 8 - 3, "\n");
print("Four times two equals", 4 * 2, "\n");
print("Ten divided by two equals", 10 / 2, "\n");
Is this OK?

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