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Pi screen: almost had it buuuut i broke it

Tue Mar 04, 2014 8:38 pm

so lots of issues thus far won’t bore you with my troubles you can read it if you want. ANYway i was wondering if any of you had any insight on how to fix this, it is a portable dvd player lcd screen. I got a little impatient *facepalm* and broke some wires that connect the screen to the motherboard.

here are the other two peices :


i know the motherboard isn’t fried idk about the screen but i won’t know until i can do somethin about those wires. My soldering skills are well i have never soldered (i do however have a soldering iron just bought it, yes i am a noob) anyone?
ps sorry if this is in the wrong topic i wasn’t sure where to post this

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Re: Pi screen: almost had it buuuut i broke it

Tue Mar 04, 2014 9:26 pm

If you are trying to attach this directly to the Pi using that ribbon cable dont bother.

I tried on what appears to be this exact model (this is a slave to the master DVD car player with a 3.5mm jack as input from master) without luck. I had someone that knew about this kind of stuff and said that you will need some major reprogramming to get it to work. 100 hours of work or more.
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