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Low profile Pibow case

Sat Jan 04, 2014 2:07 am

hi, I made a case that was low profile for the rpi B version, but it allows access to the GPIO pins and everything, just like as if you didnt have a case, so plates/shields fit on it perfectly and are still usable. I know you can access the GPIO on the normal RPi B pibow version, but you need a cable, this one, you dont. This one is more for people who do the electronics and such, or just want a cool looking case.

here's a pic, there's more on my thingiverse page with the design files that you can just print out.


It's the one I use now, and everyone loves the look of it, even more so than my other cases that Ive bought in the past.
If it isnt smoking and blown into pieces, it's not pushed far enough yet. :P

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