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Remote Control Welcome Light

Sat Oct 26, 2013 2:37 pm

Hi All. I live in a rented house at the moment. The house has a light above the front door shining down. It seems to be the same type you get in kitchens and bathrooms (GU10?)

The light is nice to have, but as it is switched rather than on a sensor, it is only useful if someone is already home and turns it on for the other when they come home in the dark.

Looking through Amazon today for low energy versions of these bulbs I found these: ... s=Auraglow

Here's where my brain thought about my RasPi sitting un-loved at the moment. What if I could hook the little remote control up to the RasPi in order to make it turn on and off at set times (Cron?) based on sunrise/sunset times?

Has anyone had any experience with these kinds of lamps? What is the remote likely to be like - RF, infrared? I guess the remote type used would dictate how the RasPi interfaces with it. I'm thinking RF/infrared modules on the Pi could 'read' remote signals and recreate them - much like All-in-One TV remotes do.

I'd be really interested to know if anyone knows how I could progress this.


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Re: Remote Control Welcome Light

Sat Oct 26, 2013 3:22 pm

A PIR detector would be better. This would work without scrabbling around for a remote. A Raspberry PI would be a bit of over kill for the job but I like the idea. Can I make your project a bit more challenging for you?
Connect the PI up to PIR detector. Easy enough ... t/hardware
Connect the Doorbell to your PI as well. When the doorbell rings it WiFi connects via the PI and emails a photo of the caller to yourself.
Phase 3.
Using VOIP on your phone or computers allow you to speak to the caller when you are out.
Pahes 4
Get your PI to act as a home alarm. Then, if the callers are burglars you can speak to them remotely to let them know you have taken their photos and the police are on the way :)

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Re: Remote Control Welcome Light

Sat Oct 26, 2013 9:31 pm

Thanks for the reply. Attaching PIRs would be fun, but as I'm rented I wouldn't be able to mount it anywhere near the door. Thats why my head turned to these LED bulbs. No changes to the wiring or wall switch. Think I might buy one anyway and see what I can do with it when it arrives.

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Re: Remote Control Welcome Light

Tue Oct 29, 2013 6:12 pm

The LED bulb was delivered today. Its not bad for a cheap LED. The white isn't quite white, but with halloween and christmas coming up I can set the colour to suit the time of year (orange for halloween, fading lights for christmas etc).

The remote seems to have a short range, so if I am to set up a Pi as a remote i'll have to base the Pi near the front door. Luckily there is a socket near the front door.

I wondered if the remote might have proprietary IR codes, but when using my OneForAll's 'learning' functionality I have been able to record the on/off commands and map them to a remote control buttons.

Next step is seeing if I can get an IR transmitter for the Pi and get lirc running. On a simple level I'd like to set a cron to turn the light on when it gets dark, turn it off a few hours later when we go to bed, then possibly turn on again in the morning now that the dark mornings are drawing in. It may seem like overkill for a Pi, but perhaps in the future I could get the hallway mounted Pi to do other things. Webcam for 'has the postman been yet?' :lol:

If I can get that sorted then i'd like to hook it up to a webservice so that I can turn it on/off outside of these times. At night the council turn off the street lights, making unlocking the front door tricky in the dark!

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