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Re: Media Server for Roku

Sat Mar 03, 2012 4:15 pm

I just purchased a roku for stream content to my tv.  I was told I could access the hdd I have attached to my wireless router from the roku.  This is only kind of true.  If it was a NAS that I can set up as a media server, then I can do it.  Mine is not, it is just a hdd in an enclosure attached to the router.  The router can send data to DNLA devices, but the roku is not such a device.

My cousin told me about this Raspberry Pi.  I had a thought and want to know if it can be done. I would like set the Raspberry Pi up as a media server attached to the router.  I want to be able to stream from the hdd in the enclosure that would be attached to the Raspberry Pi to a channel on the Roku.  If I can get the server set up, then I think I can do the Roku end.

Another thing I would like to do is run Playon media server off of the Raspberry Pi.  This currently runs on the pc and pushes internet content to the Roku.  According to Playon I have to run this on some sort of pc with internet access.  If I hook the Raspberry Pi to the router it should be able to handle this.

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Re: Media Server for Roku

Tue Mar 06, 2012 7:22 pm

It appears that PlayOn works on a few devices that use ARM processors, including the latest Roku 2 XS, which uses a variant of the Broadcom BCM2835 in the R-Pi.  It also looks like it works with XBMC, which has been ported to the R-Pi:


So, it looks like it should be able to run, and some testing may be needed to ensure it's completely compatible, and determine whether some kind of interface needs to be developed/adapted between the PlayOn software and other R-Pi Linux software.

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