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Re: Uses for some NVRAM?

Fri Feb 17, 2012 3:42 pm

I come froma RISC OS background where it is normal to store some OS settings in a small EEPROM or battery backed CMOS RAM (Using the i2c bus). When I say small most RISC OS Computers have 240bytes available within their Real Time Clock chip. The Iyonix has a whole 1K to play with and someone has produced a unit for the BeagleBoard to give it 1K of CMOS RAM.

Whilst it could be of use to RISC OS users I'm wondering what uses Linux users could put it to. In an RPi there will always be room for small files on the SD card but I suspect having having some information that is not changed when an SD card is could be useful.

Any ideas for its use?

One expansion board we are planing will as a biproduct of using a particular chip have 256bytes of NVRAM!

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