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Re: GPIO pinouts in the Data Sheet

Tue Feb 07, 2012 1:08 pm

Thanks very much for the data sheet

If I understand the data sheet correctly pin 4 on the top row of the GPIO pins (marked on the WIKI as GBPIO 7) can configured to be SPI0_CE1_N or SW E_N /SRW N
Q1 Is this one of the pins that didn't make it on to the production PCBs?
Q2 I'd like to drive a two colour LED from GPIO7[1]. Is that possible with SPI0_CE1_N or SW E_N /SRW N ?
I'd connect the LED to 3V3, earth and the GPIO pin giving me one colour when the RPi was powered and another when GPIO7 was set high!
Would I need to buffer the GPIO line?

n.b. I did wonder why I coudn't find I2S in the GPIO pinout table 6.2 on page 102. I now see that as I2S is part of PCM, it is there!

[1]The main function of the PCB I'm planning uses I2C and using an adjoining pin is the only option if the extra feature the LED would give is to be viable.

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