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Re: My mini projects for a few Pis.

Sun Feb 05, 2012 6:11 pm

So, after perusing the forums for months and waiting eagerly for a Pi since the start, I thought I'd actually type something up.

Firstly, I was thinking of keeping a Pi Model B running all the time as a web facing SSH server with write protection on the SD card that lets me power on my desktop using Wake-on-Lan and lets me also talk to my NAS which torrents for me etc. If I can't get a new torrent client on my old Buffalo that supports magnet links, it may well be that the Pi takes on duties for that. It should be able to manage those two should it not?

Next, I'd set up a Model B for a family member who has a vast collection of CDs and DVDs that stream from a USB HDD to save him from faffing around, this means XMBC should be promising and by being networked, I can VPN into the network to fix problems if they crop up with his machines/printers.

Another idea which sprang to mind today was using another Pi, and a small touchscreen with it as a Chumby style device by my bed. Just to act as a streaming music player and RSS scroller, maybe with very basic web browsing or something, or even multipurposing the first Pi into doing both.

So if you've managed to trawl through this and still retain your mind, then thanks and how plausible do my ideas seem?

Any input appreciated.


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