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Raspberry shake developer community

Tue Aug 20, 2019 5:17 am

Good morning to the Raspberry Shake developer community.

I would like to comment through this medium, a series of bugs that I have detected in the use and application of the Raspberry Shake.

He commented a little about the situation:
I am creating a network of seismometers based on Raspberry Shake, and the results have been excellent, however, I would like to add a security layer to the configuration web page of each Raspberry Shake, because although in each configuration change the password of SSH, the user may or may not enter the password, since the changes are applied in any way, making any unauthorized person make changes to the configuration of the equipment.

I have lost control of at least three stations due to this situation, since the assigned IP addresses are public, as it is a requirement of my network.

I look forward to some recommendation or set of instructions to be able to create a much stricter access and that it is only possible to access the configuration web page by certain users.

Beforehand thank you very much.

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