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Re: Keyboard Computing

Tue Jan 17, 2012 11:31 pm

Simple idea. Have everything but the monitor built into a keyboard, including a power source. The ultimate all in one.

Ok, Basic idea is get a good but still cheap keyboard, and fit the rPi inside. Add in a battery power source, and all you need is a monitor. Fairly simple eh?

Well, that's the idea.

Something like this:

for the keyboard, and something like these:

for the battery.

Find a spot for the battery, and the Pi, route the keyboard's usb cable inside, usb power supplied from the battery (made to charge usb devices even, so not cutting and soldering there), and you just need to find a way to get video out.

As far as the video, it may be usefull to extend out the HDMI, as well as to extend off of that into an hdmi to dvi adapter.

That's pretty much the basic idea. I kind of am just interested in the idea of instead of people going to places and having to use their computers, just plop down your device and it's ready to go.

I also have a few other ideas. Like the last paragraph says, I like the idea of bringing your whole computer with you. Maybe making a dock for the monitor, keyboard, and mouse, and just set your rPi on it and you are ready to go.

Another basic idea that I haven't thought out much is the entire rPi in a mouse, maybe having one of the lazer keyboard things for the keyboard so that it's all self contained.

Just a few ideas. That's all for now. Can't wait to order a slice of pi.

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Re: Keyboard Computing

Tue Jan 17, 2012 11:50 pm

Like the idea mate but I'm not sure your going to find space in that Keyboard case. To store a battery as well you are going to need quite a bit of space.

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Re: Keyboard Computing

Thu Jan 19, 2012 9:04 am

I think you should make the keyboard larger with some plastic and paint it all when finished instead of cramming it into that keyboard (that's what i would  do). I'm also interested in seeing how this will end up.

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