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Re: New AirPlay Mirroring Server (Open Source)

Sun Nov 17, 2019 3:40 pm

stevo246 wrote:
Sun Nov 10, 2019 7:30 pm
Questions for usage:
1. How can I start the program with specific arguments -n? I can only double click the application to start?!
2. Can I change the black background to another if there is no connection?
1. You are supposed to start it from the command line.
2. Not possible at the moment, but tracked under https://github.com/FD-/RPiPlay/issues/29
Nancy10 wrote: Can anybody compile it to run on a standalone mode ( no need for any external ) libraries. or as a XBCM/Kodi plugin caus that would make it even better
1. RPiPlay only has a handful of library dependencies (Broadcom OpenMAX, OpenSSL and libavahi-dnssd-compat), which are all required for a reason. Not sure what you'd expect a 'standalone mode' to look like?
2. Have no experience with Kodi plugin development (and most plugins seem to be in Python anyway), but would be interesting to see if someone can pull this off.

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Re: New AirPlay Mirroring Server (Open Source)

Thu Dec 12, 2019 9:10 pm

I do not speak English and this text was translated using Google.
I want to thank the project owner for the beautiful work done. I use RPiPlay to design my PowerPoint lectures.
I want to leave a tip of how I implemented, since in some places, I have no internet.
I installed https://raspap.com/ to make RaspBerry Pi an access point and created a simple script named air:
rpiplay -n screen -a off -b
Then I added it to crontab
@reboot / home / pi / air
So when you turn on RaspBerry, it automatically creates a network and runs rpiplay
Just access this network from my iPad and share the screen

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