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Re: STICKY: The projects list. Look here for some ideas.

Thu Oct 26, 2017 8:31 pm

My latest project is a WiFi probe request logger called Sentinel.

A ZeroW with an extra wifi dongle set to monitor mode. When a wifi probe request is recieved, it is filtered by its signal strength, then checked against an exclude list of known devices. If it gets through these filters, it is a potential suspect should a crime be committed. The MAC address is cross referenced to get the vendor I'd.

A MySQL database rcords timestamp, MAC address, Vendor, Signal strength and SSID. This data can be managed via a web interface using HTML and PHP.

If a crime is committed ( it has been designed for an environment where burglary is a problem), the database will list the MAC address of any devices in the area at the time, along with an SSID that the device has connected to. This information will be handed over to the police.

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Re: STICKY: The projects list. Look here for some ideas.

Mon Nov 06, 2017 4:24 am

Before I work on the project. I want to know if there's a networking project that exists here.

Thinking of making a basic SDN by connecting a basic router and switch, with the Raspberry Pi (RHEL / Centos) having a OpenDaylight / OpenStack integration.

Do I need just the switch (and the laptop [Putty] connected) or I need the complete set?

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Re: STICKY: The projects list. Look here for some ideas.

Tue Nov 21, 2017 11:10 pm

I'm working on using the Pi and it's camera to test telescope mirrors - the Foucault knife-edge test.

Instead of using a mask over the mirror to test 3 to 5 "zones", I should be able to take pictures
at many distances from the mirror (every 5/1000 of an inch, maybe?) and analyze the images
to see what parts of the mirror's surface is focused there.

This could be similar to using 10 to 20 "zones" with a mask.

Anyone interested in talking about it, or working on it?

Tom, or cronebeast

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Re: STICKY: The projects list. Look here for some ideas.

Tue Jan 16, 2018 2:20 am

We already bring the Raspberry Pi to the telecom area. We have been made two different modules, one is PiTDM which is gain your Raspberry Pi to be able to connect to traditional PSTN lines, such as FXS or FXO lines. Another one is PiGSM which is let your Raspberry Pi gain to be able to connect to the mobile network, such as 2/3/4G voice mobile network.

The Asterisk recognized the PiTDM and PiGSM as standard Dahdi channels, you can dial or answer calls like normal asterisk channel.

With PiTDM or PiGSM module, your voice call can pass through the PSTN or GSM telecom network, you can build a real worldwide telecom network with cheaper and fantastic Raspberry Pi board (2 or 3 version)!

For more information and how the PiTDM and PiGSM work with Raspberry Pi board, please check it out on our website :
Thank you,

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Re: STICKY: The projects list. Look here for some ideas.

Mon Jun 25, 2018 10:24 pm

I would like to make a Raspberry Pi 3 Audio Recorder - basically replacing my computer (running windows 7 and Mixcraft 6) with the Raspberry Pi 3 (running Raspbian and Some Raspberry Flavored-Audio Recording Software.

I use 2 - Audio-Technica 2500 USB microphones and one Marantz MPM-2000U USB microphone in my setup - so I might not even need a USB hub - since the Raspberry Pi 3 has 4 USB ports.

The Audio Recording Software and Microphone Drivers are going to be the big hang-up.

Would be nice if Mixcraft had a Raspberry Version.

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Re: STICKY: The projects list. Look here for some ideas.

Wed Oct 24, 2018 4:27 am

I would like to create a car media and automation control centre.
Basically, a touch screen in the console that displays engine geometry and dials as well as videos, radio and mp3/4's.
I would also like to dabble in lighting control and servo's as this is a Landrover Defender and it's set up as a camper.
If anyone has any ideas or knows of similar projects I would love to hear from you

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