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LED Ticker RSS Feed

Sun Sep 09, 2018 8:20 am


i like to build a LED-Ticker who is reading a RSS Newsfeed and show the news on a LED-Matrice/Matrix:

Used Hardware:

Pi B Rev2.0, Raspbian Stretch, 8x8 Matrix (1088AS), Thermal Printer (Serial)


I tried to use max7219 Library for controlling the LEDs but just one (the first) could be controlled and shown something. Then i tried to use mulilinemax7219 Library, but nothing happens (I setting up my config with Width = 4 and Rows = 2 in the config).
The different between max and multiline is, that at max the first Matrix runs and the same Matrix does nothing with multiline.

I dont wanna do some special works on the LED, just showing a message. Best case is a CLI command, where i can say what message will be shown (individual text).

The next Problem is a rss news feed reader. I search a easy way to receive news (i dont wanna send something else!) from a fix URL. There are some Tools but i think i didnt found the right one or installed it correct.

I dont wanna receive a complete written code, just get so tips for the right direction. Some Tutorials not usable because dead links and today not longer supported software.

If someone out there in the center of the WWW, dont let me be dieing stupid!

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