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wireless routerPI

Sun Nov 04, 2012 10:40 pm

I got my hands on a raspberry pi a few weeks ago. absolutely love it. I have been able to run it steady at just over 1ghz for the core and 500mhz for the mem. currently running the pi version of openelec with hulu, some awesome netflix alternatives and a spotify alternative called rdio that actually works great. I wanted to come up with a case idea since I only have my plugged plugged into tv and router. had an old linksys router that I've been using so I decided to open that bad boy up and above some pi inside. its working great so far, I just cut out a small slot on the side to pass the hdmi. Ethernet and power cable through.

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Re: wireless routerPI

Thu Nov 08, 2012 6:06 pm

Sounds good any chance of posting up some pics. I have a linksys myself that I use as a client bridge to serve my pi, and have been thinking about this myself especially as i have just ordered my second pi.

On a side note I have been powering my linksys, wrt 54GS, from usb so,ckets for a cople of years without problems. I have powered it from my printer, my laptop, my telly, eeepc, xbox 360, apple usb charger and it has never failed. All I did was cut the cable and attach a usb cable an of course if you wanted you could always add a female usb to the original transformer if you wanted to have the option to use it.

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