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"Mission control" - style surface

Thu Jul 12, 2018 4:14 pm

I've been looking for a project to get my feet wet with Pi, and I've settled on a custom control surface for a Windows PC. Something like this, but smaller, and used as an input/display device for my PC. Buttons, switches, dials, etc. would run macros on the PC, and lights, numeric displays, etc. would display info from the PC.

They'd presumably communicate over the network with a custom piece of software on either end.

My question ... How much of the software work has already been done? Is there already an open standard for sending short commands back and forth or for remotely controlling a PC? There are packages that let you remote control a PC from a phone (like this), but they don't seem to allow me to control from outside their app.

Anyone seen anything like this done before? Thanks in advance.....

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