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Terminal for Pi

Posted: Wed Jun 20, 2018 10:14 pm
by jachaney
I was wondering if there was a project already under way to develop a flat terminal (just keyboard and display that folds flat) that can be attached either by USB or HDMI/DVI type connection. Thinking something in the 10-15" range with a standard keyboard. Mouse would run as wireless (possibly keyboard too). The Idea is to make a full Raspberry Pi workstation be totally portable and super easy to set up.

I know about the "terminal" solutions that embed the Pi, but they tend to have a wart where the Pi fits in. If it was just the display and the keyboard, the whole thing would be able to fold super flat, then the Pi could just slip in you pocket. The power block would be the only extra thing to take along, and voilà! portable work station.


Re: Terminal for Pi

Posted: Fri Jun 22, 2018 6:27 am
by timrowledge
You know there’s the Pi-Top laptop available, right? And indeed their CEED desktop unit.

Re: Terminal for Pi

Posted: Sun Jul 08, 2018 8:05 pm
by jachaney
Hi, Sorry for not getting back sooner, but I am in a status of new job, and visiting relatives over summer. I have seen the Pi-Top and the CEED, but I was looking for something more of a terminal option that could be detached to run the Pi headless once set ups were completed.

...and yes, I know about SSH and VNC, but both of those solutions require another computer. The other option I am envisioning is for a classroom configuration, where the student only needs to carry the Pi, and can perform work at a workstation. I would like the solution to be little more than an LED display (like some that I have seen from AOC and Acer running through USB), and a simple flat keyboard with touch pad. The whole thing folding flat to an ultra thin notebook. It doesn't need to be complex, and should be easily attachable to a Pi.

Also, it is very seldom noted that because Raspbain is running Linux, and it is on a quad core (3B), multiple users can run on a single Raspberry at the same time. A little extreme, I admit, but if the terminal were at a sufficiently low price point, having multiple users is not out of the question.