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raspberry pi 3 b to laptop via portable dvd player

Mon Jun 18, 2018 6:31 pm

so im starting a bit of a project, i realize this is a more advanced project which will require direct connection bypassing, soldering and inserting of certain video boards to accomplish. and i am prepared and know how to do that.

what i need help with is selecting which boards i will need in order to fully integrate and interface the raspberry pi with this protable dvd player.
http://portablemedia.manualsonline.com/ ... 7.html?p=4

i am using an ematic epd707 (7" screen) portable dvd player (which does have AV out) with a raspberry pi 3 model B.

what i want to do is utilize a video board connection and a GPIO connection that connects the pi to the screen and the pi to the optical drive. (or at the least allows a selection transfer between pi and onboard driver on the screen ie
switch pos1= rpi on screen
switch pos2=optical drive/mp3 usb/sd input on screen) while screen source switching will work i would prefer to be able to use the optical drive and media ports on existing dvd player boards directly on the pi. if this is not entirely possible i do understand.

the other major modification i want to do is to insert 18650 Li-ion capacitor bank for powering of the device (i fully realize this will require 3 power circuits: screen, optical drive, rpi) an i could use some help picking out proper inverters and battery port parts.

i realize these mods will add bulk and make it so the finished project doesnt fit in the dvd players original case, thats not a problem.

in short what im asking for is help picking out:
video driver connection board (with multi source input options and active source switch options)
18650 capacitor bay parts (i just need the bay parts and wiring and inverters i have/can get the capacitors done on selection)
figuring out where and how to do the bypasses on the dvd players boards.

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Re: raspberry pi 3 b to laptop via portable dvd player

Mon Jun 18, 2018 7:30 pm

note on capacitor inverter/step up booster parts.

i will be using 6x 2600mAh 3.7v 18650 Li-ion capacitors in 3 different power circuits (each circuit using 2x in parallel)

i will need a converter to 5v for the Raspberry Pi

and a converter for the dvd players voltage settings.

i am upgrading the dvd players battery from its stock to 18650s as 5200mAhx5v=26 ish Wh vs the stock batteries 8 hour operation.

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