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Garage door opener

Thu Feb 08, 2018 8:18 pm

Hi all,
This isn't specifically a raspberry pi question but I thought I could find some help here since I know you can use a raspberry pi and a 5v relay to open a garage door.

I bought a Nexx device to open my garage door through Amazon Echo. The device has two wires which are supposed to be connected to the same terminals as the wall button. We'll call them terminal A and B.

I've connected both wires to the correct terminals and I've got it 50% working. The open function on the nexx device works. The close button starts the opener. The garage door will move about 6" and then come back open.

At the heart of the Nexx device is really just a relay that connects to my wifi. My question is the following.

Based on the above situation do you think I should connect both wires from the Nexx device to one terminal or the other instead of one wire per terminal? Would this short anything out?

Before anyone asks, I have contacted Nexx. Officially my garage door is unsupported and they've offered to build me a workaround for free, which I will take them up on, but I'm a hacker at heart and can't let this go until I've explored all options. I just don't want to short out my Nexx device or worse yet my opener.


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