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Build Challenge

Thu Nov 09, 2017 10:47 am

Hi All

I recently did a project with arduino and ended up buying starter kits as it worked out cheaper.

Now I sit with quite a few items left.

The challenge: what is the coolest project I can make with a Pi and the below items

4 x rotary encoders
6 x single digit 7 segment displays
3 x four digit 7 segment displays
3 x LED matrix 8x8
3 x remotes (up,down,left, right arrows 0-9, #,* buttons)
1 x remote (power,play,pause, skip,+,-,0-9,eq,mute buttons)
3 x IR receivers
3 x KY-016 3 color LED module
1 x ultimate GPS breakout
1x DHT11 sensor
3 x 830 holes Breadboard
15 x LED lights (red)
15 x LED lights (yellow)
15 x LED lights (green)
24 x Resistor 220 Ohms
15 x Resistor 1K
15 x Resistor 10K
3 x Active Buzzer
3 x Passive Buzzer
12 x Key switches
6 x Digital tubes
3 x 6 AA Battery Holder
3 x 4 Digital Tube
6 x Tilt Ball switch
9 x Photoresistor
3 x Adjustable resistance
3 x Flame Sensor
3 x Infrared Receiver
3 x LM35 Temperature Sensor
3 x 74H595

Anything that can be an exciting project...these pieces have just been lying around after the arduino project and it's time they get put to use.

any ideas are welcome.

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