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Powering a pi zero + screen using motherboard pins

Thu Nov 02, 2017 6:25 am

Hi everyone. You know those cool holograms that you can get on your phone if you put a certain video on it with a pyramid of glass thing? If I'm talking gibberish to you, here's a link of what it is.

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/m ... ector.html

Also do you remember that time way back when we discovered that we could use car monitors to act as screens for our pi's? Ones such as this?

https://www.amazon.co.uk/inch-Digital-R ... 039&sr=8-1

Well, I found out that the 5V provided by the pi can power the display, and that is amazing. So obviously I want to build a (sadly very small) hologram using these concepts.

Here's where I'm going different. I want it inside my PC case. Because aesthetics, I don't want a bunch of cables running around, but because a PC costs a lot of money, I don't want to destroy it (whereas if the pi dies, ah well). So I want to be able to power the pi/ display inside the case, as well as control, via SSH. So here's where I have some questions.

My first thoughts was to power the screen and pi using molex, with the 5V going to the pi and the 12V going to the display. Because I only have a pi zero 1.3, I don't have Bluetooth or WiFi, therefore an additional cable would be needed for SSH. All seems safe and easy, but lots of cables. If you notice anything risky with this, please please let me know, as I am under the impression that 5V is 5V and 12V is 12V and would think a decent psu wouldnt fluctuate dangerously, but I could be very wrong.

My second thoughts, I saw someone power and SSH into their pi, through a single usb cable plugged into the usb of the pi zero. I could then power the screen directly from the pi. I'm worried that won't work/ sounds silly, but if so, I could connect directly to my motherboard (have a spare pins) and then power it, the screen, and communicate through a single cable.

So guys, whatcha think? Any noticeable downfalls?

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