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Air Hockey Table!

Sun Jan 08, 2017 5:52 pm

Hi All,

I've just posted a job ad on Freelancer, but it occurred to me that there would be some great people on here who may be interested and up for a challenge creating the coding for the below project... Look forward to hearing from you :)

Air hockey table electronics and coding

I am in the middle of creating an air hockey table and I need someone to help me with the electronics and coding for the lights, scoring and sound systems (note I am in the UK, so want this to work with UK mains power). I am fine when it comes to the woodwork, but I will need lots of help when it comes to the electronics in terms of what to buy, and how to wire it together, and ALL coding. I am on a budget; so the more you can save me in electronics purchases the more I can pay you for your setup help and coding skills!

Plan – There will be a button to start the game, this will start the power to the air blower, and will play a short clip of music (which I’d like to be able to change from time to time) before the countdown timer then starts and the game begins. Ideally - this will also act as a reset button

At each end of the table behind the goals where the players stand I would like to have a 32 x 32 RGB LED matrix. This will show the current the score in the top half of the display. The score will be activated by an IR sensor at either end inside the goal’s, which will register when the puck passes through. At the bottom of the matrix will be the game countdown timer.

The matrix will also show a graphic at the start, when a team scores (the graphic will be displayed in that teams color), and at the end when we have a winner or tie.

Every game can be won in 2 ways… After a 5 minute countdown the team with the highest score wins OR first to 10 goals… so this will need to be thought about when you do the coding. The scores within the matrix will only show a large single digit on either side -> once a player gets to 9 and scores there will be a ‘winner’ graphic shown on the screen rather than a 10 (this is simply so that we can keep the scores big without wasting space with an extra digit on each side)

Around the edges of the table there will be LED’s which are split into 2 halves, the red team and the blue team. Each half will be illuminated throughout the game in the teams color, however when the blue team score I would like the whole table (including the red end) to flash blue, when the red team score I would like the whole table (including the blue end) to flash red.

Finally I want to add sounds to the table…! This will consist of a short sound in the begging when the game starts, like a traditional organ sound from an ice hockey match, then as a team scores I would like to have a selection of around 10-20 different sound clips of which 1 will play at random. Finally there will be a sound marking the end of the game which will either say the winning team is the blue team, the red team or if its a tie. I would like to be able to update the sound clips as time goes by too… maybe I can store these on a USB memory stick which I can update and plug back into the table as and when I want to update the files?

At the end of every game after the final graphic and sound is played all the lights, sounds and power to the air blower will need to be coded to stop automatically until the on/reset button is re-pressed.

Once I have my winning applicant I will be able to supply dimensions, sketches, budget for electronics etc, and answer any questions.

To summarize so that you can work out your time and your quote your role will be…

• To tell me what to order and where from (ideally parts come from the UK)
• To create all the coding for the system you choose as best – be it raspberry pi/arduino or similar to make my machine do as I want it to in the brief above
• To create really cool, exciting graphics for the start, the goals, and outcome of the game making the most of having the 32 x 32 matrix and RGB strips around the table
• To give me very simple and well-written step-by-step instructions with diagrams of how I need to wire everything together correctly, load the code and test
• To offer support for my stupid questions which I will no doubt have along the way as I am putting this all together!
• And to help with coding changes and adjustments when there are issues in testing or slight changes I want to tweak with timings, sound activation, flashes, graphics etc

This project for me is just for fun, I am not starting an air hockey table business, so please post if you are looking to have some fun yourself and test your coding and electronics skills while making yourself a little cash along the way ☺

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Re: Air Hockey Table!

Sat Mar 04, 2017 3:21 am

Did you ever figure this out? I'm looking to do something similar for a bubble hockey game. I'm wanting it to play sounds upon the start of the game, when a goal is scored, and when a player pushes various buttons (all buttons linked to microswitches). I was hoping to add random sounds at times along with flashing lights when a goal is scored down the road. Let me know if you figure some of this out. I was thinking of linking the microswitches using an arcade control board or going right into the GPIO board. I still have to upload some wav files. Good luck on your table, sounds awesome.

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Re: Air Hockey Table!

Tue Apr 30, 2019 7:35 am

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