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Control RPI with rotary encoder, lcd and/or web user gui

Posted: Wed Nov 23, 2016 9:28 pm
by petervf
I'd like to share with you some ideas how to control our RPIs. My rather simple code provides following features:
  • Rotary encoder class working with interrupts to be more independent from pooling timing (especially important in pygame systems)
  • Local pygame menu system controlled by rotary encoder / switch and small (and cheap :D ) LCD display. Menu can be defined by finite machine states and transitions. This allows easy logic modification without too much coding.
  • Web enabled user interface with bidirectional (html5 server side events) feature. RPI status changes are sent to the clients without necessity to reload the web page. As I cannot write android / iOS apps - this is the easiest way to get remote user interface on any computer or mobile device.

All the above features can be easily reused in your own projects. Initially I developed them to control tvheadend and oscam server, which run on RPI and stream a dvb-s2 video to my clients. I call this is a "headless" dvb-s2 streaming tuner.

If you are interested in, please check my github repositories - the starting point is here:
=> DIY for the hardware and already exiting software
=> local FSM pygame menu with rotary and lcd
=> remote web user interface

For a quick inside you can look at youtube:
=> for the complete system overview
=> for an example of the web user interface

All love screenshots so some pictures:

I'm happy to answer any related questions, you may have. I have to admit, that the code is "quick and dirty" :oops: however if you have any remarks or improvement ideas, let me know.


Re: Control RPI with rotary encoder, lcd and/or web user gui

Posted: Sun Apr 14, 2019 9:21 pm
by mattv
Hey Peter,
I love this. Great job! I am in the process of trying to figure out how to do this EXACT same thing and am looking for some help. I have a Raspberry Pi running OSMC and I am trying to find a source to learn how to code the rotary encoders I have. I want 1 of the encoders to scroll and select the menu and the other to control the volume. This project is going inside an old 1941 Zenith radio. I would really appreciate any thoughts you may have or if you might be interested in taking a stab yourself. Please let me know either way.


Re: Control RPI with rotary encoder, lcd and/or web user gui

Posted: Mon Apr 29, 2019 9:08 pm
by petervf
Hi Matt,

a very old project, however still up and running!
What in particular you don't know and how I can help you?
If you are looking into just a rotary encoder, use my ready to reuse python code from here:
1) prepare hardwware: ... switch.png
2) clone the code
3) wire the encoder as described
A_PIN = 17 #wiring=0 A pin on rotary
B_PIN = 27 #wiring=2 B pin on rotary
SW_PIN = 22 #wiring=3 press pin on rotary
4) run the test program from the cloned repo
when you managed this you can find out the way how to drive your OSMC