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Charging Li-ion cells

Sun Jul 03, 2016 9:59 am

I have a project in mind, that I was planning to use a Li-po to power, but I realised that the case I'm using has space for 2 AA batteries, so I was wondering how I could charge something like this: ... SwbwlXA~Mg

The easiest way would be to simply pop the batteries out and use an external charger, but it would be nice to have it all internal.

If I did this, would it be sufficient to just put something like an LM7805 on the output? Assuming I get cells with protection built in.

What would I need to be able to charge batteries like these without removing them? I was planning to use this with a Li-po, would it still work? ... 37201311DI

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Re: Charging Li-ion cells

Fri Jul 08, 2016 11:07 pm

I haven't used the charging board from bangood but adafruit do a similar board (more exoensive) and that worked well for me. The board you have shown will take the output from your battery pack and regulate it to 5V. It will also allow you to recharge the batteries without disconnecting them. You wont need an LM7805. So in answer to your questions, yes you can use the batteries listed, yes you can charge the batteries without removing them if you use the board listed.

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Re: Charging Li-ion cells

Sun Jul 10, 2016 7:18 pm

Use the search function of the forum and look for "powerboost" to find posts that will point you to information relative to what you want to do.

Be careful with li-ion cells, if you do not charge them correctly, they have a nasty way of letting you know.

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