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3 Screen Display Extention

Tue Jul 31, 2012 11:43 pm


I work in the sign business and tinker on the side. With menu boards going digital I am curious to the possibility of using a Pi in conjunction with USBto"Display Adapter" (prefer hdmi / dvi or vga would work as well ) for example the "Plugable" ( says it supports linux.

Now I would be looking to display JPEG images or still art with very simply animations (scrolling text) or what not, my problem is extending 3 displays....I am sure it is possible but maybe just a little too past me besides using the USB adapters (if those would even work).

Ideas would be fantastic on this, most digital menu board systems run close to $1500 for a sinlge display, using a cheap LCD tv (Apex 32" LCD $199) and fabricating my own bezels, I could in theory run a Pi with 3 of those screens for only about $700 and would allow me to have amazing remote abilities for updating clients menus instantly from anywhere for half the cost.

Anyways I thought it was worth investigating and getting opinions from those with more linux/Rasp Pi knowledge than me :).

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Re: 3 Screen Display Extention

Sat Aug 04, 2012 3:07 pm

Since your post, i checked on ebay and found some similar device for 35$ with shipping working with usb 2 or 3. I will buy one to try it for sure for my mac and pi.

The only issue i can see with this kind of device is the power consumption, its like they are using 500 ma, this is to much for the PI, so you need to use them with a USB HUB, but this is not recommended for video... anyway its something to try out

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Re: 3 Screen Display Extention

Sun Aug 05, 2012 4:32 pm

Hello, in my opinion the Rpi is the perfect computer for Digital Displays. The only problem I see is that their will be so many that we will not be able to escape them. I am (and have been) sitting and waiting and working on getting the correct OS for this use every since the Rpi has been mentioned. I am so awaiting the Chrome browser for the Rpi to be perfected. I am running my Rpi from the usb port on the monitor I have it connected to, and I will be using websites to post the content. Very simple set up. The only thing I found is that I could not load the OS using the USB is the power supply from the monitor. I had to use a plug-in adapter for that. After it was loaded I tried it again, and it works perfectly. (Even though they say not to do it). If I can get the OS perfected to run the site cleanly and with video, I have many displays waiting to be placed. (The Rpi will not play the flash content). Go to: (wait for about 15 seconds for it to advance between ads, there are 8, and the Video will need to run a couple of times to get it cached correctly) and you will get an idea of what I am trying to get done using the Rpi. Please go here also and you will see what I want the OS to do: ... 57#p135857
Using this idea I really think that you will be tripping over digital advertising in no time, and the thing is, that is so simple and cheap, that anyone that can host a website can do it. It is a perfect second income. I want it open source so anyone that sells digital advertising can sell it in any market around the world anywhere someone has a display placed. Think about it and what it can do? All because of the Rpi. :lol: A simple computer with so many uses.

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