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Atrix lapdock + Rpi 2

Tue Nov 17, 2015 5:26 pm

Hello, im new into raspberry pi, i have looked a lot of videos then i have seen that i could modify one lapdock to make a easy and low cost mobile Rpi
About hdmi connection that is pretty easy, but the usb connection is kind of confusing me.
I need to conenct a usb cable to atrix then i should connect gnd and +5v to another end to power rpi via micro usb and the D+ and D- to a third end that go to normal usb.
That way my pi will work?
Its safe?

Edit: i find out that i was right, the +5V and gnd should go to micro usb end and the D+ and D- should be connected to standard USB end, so all i need is to do some continuity test on usb pins to find out which cable is connected to the pin and al should work.

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Re: Atrix lapdock + Rpi 2

Mon Mar 21, 2016 3:28 am

You don't need to modify the dock. You just need a female to female usb adapter. No fuss or modification required.

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