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Re: Node.js & Cloud9 - BeagleBones Code Combo

Tue Nov 01, 2011 10:57 pm

As you might notice, the new BeagleBone got presented and will be released at the end of the month (seems like a competition call for pi :P ). One of the best features I can think of, is the inclusion of a pre-installed version of node.js + Cloud9 IDE. It's possible to just connect the device to your another computer via USB and developing on it directly - allowing to use the same input devices you currently work with :D

The first example I have is node.js, the server-side JavaScript language interpreter with a rapidly growing community. The evented I/O model enables both building highly scalable web servers and being responsive to the many sensors within your embedded system. As part of the shipping image with the BeagleBone, we are looking to provide the git-enabled Cloud9 IDE that allows you to edit node.js applications directly over your web browser by simply pointing it to the BeagleBone. While this technology will be in a highly-alpha quality state intended to communicate the possibilities for making a quantum jump in rapid prototyping with Linux when the BeagleBone is initially launched, we intend to collaborate with the Linux, Cloud9 IDE (, node.js, and BeagleBoard communities to evolve this to Arduino-like simplicity, without the need to install any development tools or understand Linux programming details. Development of the application library will be done entirely in the open and is awaiting launch until there is broad availability of the hardware to avoid any undue refactoring that might come from not having the proper collaboration and review.

Even though this is just possible since they delivering an prepared SD card with Angstrom, I guess there will be a chance to run either this package as well or adapting at least the software components (node.js & cloud9). Seeing another device with similar specs running it - shows that it should be quite capable :o

As I'am more a web engineer than a native developer, I hope there are some guys who like digging into this. I guess there are more people like me - who loves to dive into node.js and using the "node + cloud9" combo at our pi (perhaps even at Arch or Fedora), would be a great way for providing everyone with an efficient IDE which can be easily accessed and supports different languages as well :)

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Re: Node.js & Cloud9 - BeagleBones Code Combo

Fri Nov 04, 2011 11:06 pm

Neither Node.js and Cloud9 are dependant upon the Angstrom linux distro, both can be installed (or used in the case of Cloud9) on other platforms (most Linux distros, Windows, BSD etc.). Node.js would likely compile equally well on the Raspberry PI (or even could be built on one the RasPI emulators).

Node.js is dependant upon Google's V8 javascript engine library - but the installation (compilation) process builds all needed components including the V8 libraries (the build is dependent upon Python 2.6 and libssl development libraries being available, both available to most common Linux distributions). Installation details can be found on github - https: //github .com/joyent/node/wiki/Installation (remove spaces, spam protection).

Cloud9 is a Software as a Service solution (offered by Joyent - http:// c9 .io [remove spaces again]) and can be run in any standard browser that supports CSS, Javascript and HTML. Here you need an HTTP daemon running on the Raspberry PI (ngix, lightttpd, httpd, apache can all be built or available in linux packages etc.) to deploy to your RasPI server. Node.js is supported by Joyent but is a separate open source project to the Cloud9 service.

I've used Node.js on a fairly low powered device (bifferboard) so its not too much of an ask to expect to work on the RasPI.

Apologies to the Eben and all at Raspberry PI for being lazy above and using the term RasPI (but it is a bit tongue in cheek as Razzie is already taken, being another form of award, and rPI is a bit bland and sounds like the retail price index, :-) ).

Actually we probably could get Angstrom running on the RasPI without much hassle, bitbake isn't that much of a pain as a build environment and if we can get the RasPI built config stable it may get adopted into Narcissus (the online build kitchen for Angstrom). I may have a go at building Angstrom when I get my RasPI order in.

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