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Would it be possible?? Wind turbine project :/

Posted: Thu Aug 06, 2015 8:00 pm
by tombobongo
HI All,
I wonder if you could help me, i have not as of yet got a 'raspberry Pi' nor have i any experience in the field before we start. I am currently in the process of making a little project for fun. The project is a small wind generator for a boat not very high powered purely to charge a mobile phone. The query i have about the raspberry pi however is, would it be possible to use the device as a multimeter for the generator to monitor the output current, voltage and also convert the voltage to a pre calibrated rpm or speed for accurately indicating the wind speed. Now the complicated part once this had been done would it be possible to broadcast the information via the nifty wifi adapter to be displayed on an iPhone for instance.
I am understandably going to purchase a raspberry pi and do some experiments but the other question is what else should i get would the 'scratch' pack be a good starter for some experiments? i do understand that i would most probably have to develop an app for the iPhone for this to work.

Thanks all

Re: Would it be possible?? Wind turbine project :/

Posted: Mon Aug 10, 2015 11:34 pm
by HiroProtagonist
The Pi may not be the best platform for this. You're going to need analogue to digital conversion for the voltage & current, which would need additional hardware - might be simpler to use a board that has this built-in.

Trying to get RPM from voltage could be a problem too. Probably more accurate to measure frequency - if your generator is AC this would be straightforward, if it's DC you could AC couple to the generator & pick up the commutator frequency.