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Raspberry Pi in a prototype Smart Remote Control

Sat Jun 20, 2015 10:23 pm

Primarily as a learning experience, I've been using the Raspberry Pi as a prototyping platform for creating a smart remote control along the lines of the Logitech Harmony series. I've built it up using LIRC, Python and some basic custom circuitry.

I started with a basic IR capture and send circuit via GPIO as described by ... d-pictures and used LIRC to record a bunch of remotes. That was fairly straightforward, but I wanted to take this further to work towards a hand-held device. All of the similar projects using LIRC on the Pi that I've found so far either just to IR receiving, or act as an IR 'blaster' type device for media centres.

So I've created a basic touch-screen UI via a PiTFT and a GPIO-driven keypad matrix. It's powered by a rechargeable battery. And it successfully controls my TV and related home entertainment gadgets! But it's also big, clunky and the battery doesn't last much more than a day...

A lot more detail is in my blog posts ... prototype/ and ... ir-sender/.

I thought I'd share this in case anyone else might find it interesting, or some of the resources I've found or created to be useful. Also I'd love to hear from anyone else who's been looking at handheld remotes or other hand-held Pi projects, or wants to discuss this project further.

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