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Raspberry Pi Workstation - Product Design Project

Tue Apr 28, 2015 4:49 pm

Hi there!

So I study A-level Product Design and I have just finished my project and require some feedback!

Some background to the project:
My task was to design a product that fixed a problem, this could be any problem. I was a Raspberry Pi user and the problem I came across was that there is occasional wire untidiness/mess on the desk and that they are regularly lost/stolen in education work spaces (e.g. in the classroom).

I therefore decided to produce a workstation that kept the device secure and safe and that solved the cluttering problems, whilst making it very easy and accessible to work on, learn from and generally use in the classroom!

Bearing in mind Product Design is basically Resistant Materials, I had to focus more on building the workstation/desk than the actual technicalities of the Raspberry Pi.

What I need from you? It would be great to hear some feedback, please be brutally honest, I want the positives and the negatives to include in my portfolio work! Thanks!

Note: The Raspberry Pi is secured behind the LED backlit window, unfortunately I don't have any good images of this as of yet, sorry!

Here are the results:
Raspberry Pi is stored behind this window!
The workstation without the monitor. The cupboards have enough place to store A4 workbooks etc.

Thanks a lot! Matt

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Re: Raspberry Pi Workstation - Product Design Project

Sat May 02, 2015 10:22 am

a lot expensive to handle the bastard behavior of students
i prefer you to solve bad behavior with drones that put painful but not dangerous electricity discharge on all bad behavior peoples (students or profs) just when it happen
when the drone can detect before it happen it should try to prevent saying "if you continue this way i'll bzz bzz" (big arc demo) while telling else people to escape if needed and make a small movie of the bad behavior
or it act without prevention
in few times you will have a decrease of 99.9% of bad behavior at low cost

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Re: Raspberry Pi Workstation - Product Design Project

Sat May 02, 2015 11:48 am

Looks pretty neat. However, how easy is it to access the device for swapping sd card, wiring up GPIO and attaching a camera board?

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