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Measuring earth topography

Mon Jun 19, 2017 1:10 pm

Hello everyone,

First warning: I am a software developer but have very little experience with hardware. Though, I know how to tinker ;-)

Short introduction:
I am looking for a measurement possibility to measure small changes in the earth topography. Accuracy below 5cm within 1m distance would be great. I know that there are high-precision, high-resolution digital elevation models but I am looking for an alternative for various reasons.

My first idea was to apply a sensor to a wheel (e.g. from a bicycle but possibly also a smaller wheel) that measures the turn of the wheel. Whenever the sensor gets a signal (after every full/half/quarter/... turn, it measures inclination angle. Based on that one could determine a relative height profile to the starting point. This would be absolutely sufficient for my idea.

I would like to use a raspberry has a controller and attach the sensors to it, that would allow me to do all my Python magic ;-) I am familiar with impressive projects using the Raspi as an advanced bike computer so that measuring the number of rotations should not be the problem.

**Now my question:** Do you know about the accuracy of inclinometers for the Raspi? Do you have any suggestions what to use? I have seen projects for cars, but that will probably not fulfill my demands, right?

Alternative ideas to achieve the same goal are also welcome.

Thanks in advance!

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