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Free Pi0/Pi0W case for 3D printing (CC4.0-BY-SA)

Tue Feb 20, 2018 12:17 am

I finally decided to create a case for my Pi0, so I made this in FreeCAD 0.16
Image!9JlRnLAJ!oFhTySubAJNR ... GslvJapy1Y

Beware that this file is not perfect and may require minor editing.
I printed it and it works very nicely with both a Pi0 version 1.3 and Pi0W (v1.2?)
I did find it a fraction too tight - it clips together well, but getting your Pi out is difficult.

The file linked has had minor edits that were made after the first print, but have not yet been tested.

The included lid is for a Pi0 only and is incomplete. It requires some small modifications to hold it to the base and is NOT currently compatible (the HDMI port sits too high)

Recommend NOT printing the lid as is, but modifying it first!

Future revisions are planned.

I am sharing this file as CC4.0 BY-SA

You are free to modify it and redistribute it as long as you give credit and redistribute it or any derivatives under the same license.
Commercial use is okay.


An updated file is available here:!RAVETQpD!7JlGiQW_XleG ... sBqbiBfm4k


Changes include:
- standoffs raised 0.5mm to allow enough room for header pins
- HDMI, power and USB port cutouts have been increased by approximately 0.3mm to allow for manufacturing variations.
- inner standoffs radius reduced 0.01mm to ease Pi insertion and removal
- fine tuning of port kerning
- various minor additions

Suggest printing the lid upside down.
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