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LED Alienware type of protective case for pi 3?

Sat Oct 14, 2017 11:28 pm

Just discovered the raspberry pi and can’t wait till it arrives...basically no idea how to program or anything. I have some knowledge from when I when to a technical college. It that was years and years ago....But I expect to learn something out of this little computer.

Mean while I’m wondering is it possible to have like the Pi Sense hat or Pimoroni Led matrix or LED strip lighting attached to a raspberry pi 3 B that has a 3.5 LCD display. I Basically want a clear case for the Pi with my display screen attached to the Pi all inside the case, to look like those bright colored LED lighted Alienware PCs :? Just need to be pointed in the right direction on what things I need or what possible configurations would work if any. Would be awesome to have my little pi in a clear case with the screen and glowing. While I learn other neat things to do. Thanks for any help.

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