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Use a NES mini Clone as a case for Pi3, great looking case for < 25$!

Thu Jul 27, 2017 9:59 am

Since Nintendo did not want my money for the NES/NES-mini i just went ahead and used a Pi inside a Clone, it turns out it was really easy to do the mod (see video).

I have also added buttons external USB. Why is external USB that so important to many of you?
Finally used the leftovers from the Clone I was using to put it inside one of the controllers.

Now I got a ZNES instead, Zuper Neat Enterntainment Sytem. ;) I do not think I would have used a NES or SNES very much, but i love my ZNES, using it mostly for Arcades right now, its great! :D

So thanks to Nintendo for not wanting my money, this is so much better! :)

Hope someone finds this usefull, and hey I'm sorry for the Swenglish.

First video, how to fit the Raspberry Pi

Video nr 2, how to connect working on/off buttons.

Nr, tips on how to add external USB...

Extra: added the internals from the Clone to a controller.

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