Simple portable case

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by clonak » Sun Sep 23, 2012 10:57 am
So I purchased a Samsung Galaxie S2 awhile ago, came in a nifty little box. Sitting there today play with my Pi, relised it would fit nicely in the SGS2 box. So out came the pocket knife and I started carving it up. Nice little tray for it to sit on, space under neath for everything. It still needs some tweaking, shave a few mm's off to make it all sit flush, and make a way to secure it.
Heres some photos.

Basicly just got it set up so I can vnc/ssh into it. Only monitor I have that I can use with it is my main monitor, leaving me to use my secondary(sever) monitor, which isnt very good for anything other then command line.Usually I have the wireless and a usb stick plugged into a powered hub.
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