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Out Now - Drag 'N Drop 7i2 (Winter 2016)

Sat Feb 20, 2016 10:17 am

Drag 'N Drop is a quarterly magazine in PDF, mainly for users of RISC OS on the Raspberry Pi but content will be of interest to all RISC OS 5 users.

Visitors to the South West show can get their hands on volume 7 issue 2 at a special price of £3.00! If you can't wait, sample and buy it now at www.dragdrop.co.uk. Inside the latest issue:

News, Comment, Beginner's Tips, Application Updates.

Mr Frog - the amphibious machine code artiste is back to talk about subroutines and stacks.

Files of the World - all about sound sample files, the WAV file format and type-in programs to draw sound samples on the screen.

32 bitting sound modules - dig out those old modules, dust them off and jazz up your Raspberry Pi with sound effects.

Module surgery - first of a series on updating modules to be 32-bit compliant to run on RISC OS 5.

SoundCon32 - step-by-step guide to updating a 1990s desktop app which converts between sound formats.

CDFaker front end - make the CDFaker module easy to use.

Python Primary School - Term 3 of the programming series.

Desktop Retro Gaming - we continue with the series on getting 'old skool' games running in a window on the desktop.

Wimps - building of the !PDFtext application continues apace.

3D Graphics - for 8-bit and RISC OS users alike, second part of the article creating wireframe graphics in BBC Basic.

&CAFE - chill out in the &CAFE with some more light hearted conversation about hexadecimal numbers and what is meant by low byte to high byte.

Articles are written in an informal style designed to encourage new or returning users and programmers.

Each issue of Drag N Drop costs £3.50 on a pay-as-you go basis when purchased through the Drag N Drop website at http://www.dragdrop.co.uk. You can "try before you buy": free samples are available for download. You can also purchase it from !Store at a higher price of £4.50 but including the "type in" listings in a ready-to-run format.

If using Netsurf and Paypal to purchase Drag 'N Drop please remember to disable javascript[1].

[1] Click menu on Netsurf's Iconbar icon > Choices > Content > Disable JavaScript

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